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B-lay interior office design
  • Nomination for the “Interior Design / Corporate office and Retail space Design” section

B-lay interior office design

Authors: arh. Liviu Fabian, arh. Lucian Luță, arh. Alina Rizescu, arh. Silvia Funieru, Bogdan Ștefănescu
LTFB Studio & RIZI

Structură: ing. Gabriel Nețoiu (Ductil Tech SRL)

Beneficiar: B-Sorted

Authors’ Comment

Human centered design is a design process that starts from the people for whom you are creating the space, and ends with new solutions, tailored to their needs. An interior office design where we’ve drifted from the traditional paradigm of making spectacular images to rather focus on involving the users in the design process. We started with an interactive 3d-printed cube, then we conducted a workshop with various games, analyzed the workflow and feedback. In the end, we imagined a mix of work and relaxation spaces and three distinct vibes that gave a specific character to each floor of the building: SILENT – focus, silence; ACTIVE – unconventional, dynamic; LOFT – communication, fun.