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Holiday house in the city

Holiday house in the city

Authors: arh. Cassandra Pop, arh. Cosmin Anghelache, arh. Astrid Rottman
Firm: NA

Authors’ Comment

The project tells the story of a person’s wish to build a holiday house inside the city he lives in. He doesn’t feel the need to leave the city in order to have a holiday experience. Therefore, a new kind of dwelling embraces his daily life, without leaving it behind.
Each interior space is dimensioned based on the largest (living) room in the house, fronting the street. It gives the unit a general dimension (6x6 meters) which is later used a referential structure. Every consecutive room placed inside this given perimeter shrinks to its own function and size. The empty space remained inside the module becomes complementary. Functional-free, this uncovered place, pulled out “in front” of the room, breaths out imagery into the house. Unified as a whole, it acts as a continuous private garden.
The room facing the street is rooted in the city’s identity, having a solitary urban openess with windows oriented towards the city. In depth, each lined room reorientates to its unit’s empty space.
The house moulded into the surroundings is invaded by the garden “desperately” inhabiting and marking its past boundary. Away from the street, the entry gate is the place where the holiday’s garden and the city’s garden meet.

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