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The Ark

Abu Dhabi, Emiratele Arabe Unite
Authors: arch. Răzvan Florian Bârsan, arch. Alexandru Duca / Razvan Barsan + Partners

Authors’ Comment

The volume was inspired by the shape created when two water drops collide. By conducting several experiments we managed to immortalize a sculptural volume that has afterwards been transposed into an architectural form. We believe that water can provide habitable spaces for future communities with the help of technology, ingenuity and imagination. We created a skyscraper that floats on water that aims to set an example for future similar projects. These could reinterpret the sustainable principles and the technology that created this floating city that comes as a response to modern concerns about the environment and land occupation.
The skyscraper integrates naturally into the landscape, giving the impression that it rises above the waves from the depths of the ocean. The exterior shell is composed of three layers that define a double-skin facade covered in an LED layer that brighten the building at night. The first layer has a structural role. A spider-web made of carbon fiber models the shape of the building, while at the same time creating spectacular views from the inside. The second skin is translucent, allowing natural light to flood the interior spaces.

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