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Highbrow Estate

București, România
Authors: arch. Răzvan Florian Bârsan, arch. Alexandru Duca, arch. Lorena Gheorghiu / RĂZVAN BÂRSAN+PARTNERS

Authors’ Comment

This interior is designed for a mansion in the Cotroceni district of Bucharest. The classical architecture of the area is reflected in the details and style of the interior.
Our proposal combines classical architectural elements with contemporary architecture, rendering an elegant and refined atmosphere to every room. The natural wood elements used for the wall finishing comes in contrasts with the delicate glass details found in the bookcases, and exhibition shelves placed throughout the house.
The lighting elements break the conservative style of the classical ceilings, through shape and the use of warm but diffused light. The elegant furniture perfectly combines with the technological functionalities of a modern home.
The home’s architecture and use of large glazed surfaces allows for a close connection with the exterior and the natural environments. Green walls are found in the home, especially in the living room found on the top floor.
To emphasize the classical style, we used fireplaces in the living room, dining area and hobby space.

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