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1+1 Freeport Art Center

Beijing, China
Authors: arch. Răzvan Florian Bârsan, int.arch. Iulia Ghiță / Razvan Barsan + Partners

Authors’ Comment

The project focused on multiculturalism, in the new design of 1+1 Freeport Center, an art showroom that stands as a melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures. The aim of the project is to develop an international platform, empowering artists and communities to coexist. The design references to one of China’s most popular traditional art - paper art, creating a fusion between the E and the W areas. The new gallery’s wall design takes the form of a kirigami artwork where folds can be used as exhibition shelves, support panel, even seats for visitors when the space transforms to workshops, conference or representations area. Designed as a contemporary interpretation, it harmonically brings mixed elements to the exhibition space. Among ceramic, painting, sculpture or textile arts, the whole interior design stands as an artwork itself due to its modern fluent shapes. Thus, it creates an international connecting point among people and artists where they can promote and exchange their experience.

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