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Manhattan Tower

Manhattan Tower

Authors: arh. Răzvan Bârsan, arh. Alexandru Duca

Authors’ Comment

The architecture vision for this high rise has at its core the exterior style of the building- modern and contemporary design mixed with classic and retro elements. It preserves the architecture and key structural elements of a 1920s New York style building with stunning modern technologies. Stunning metal and glass facades complement brick structures, traditional windows and elegant archways. Transparent materials become key elements in emphasizing the transition from old to new and the changes in the landscapes of our modern cities.
The lobby area has a custom design concept, built in harmony with the style and function of the building. The interior of such a unique building can only be exposed along the lines of shocking lines and innovation in object design. The custom built elevator preserves that retro New York style without eliminating technological innovation. The fluidity of the lobby gives uninterrupted access to the main spaces of the building and guides the visitor to the designated areas, without compromising the aesthetic value of the floor plan.

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