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Isberg Hub

București, România
Authors: arch. Răzvan Florian Bârsan, int.arch. Catălina Simion / Razvan Barsan + Partners

Authors’ Comment

The theme of this project was to design a lobby for a HUB center in Bucharest. The hubs are shared work spaces, which want to support and develop businesses, organizations and innovative projects. The design incorporates facilities as: kitchen, private booths for phone or Skype-calls. The lobby is the first area where those who access an edifice get in contact with and because first impression counts, there is a needed to pay attention to details. Because it is a center for socializing, we chose to start with the concept of iceberg, a solid concept yet powerful, just a successful businessman Very often, we only get to see the final results of a hard work, the efforts and the basis remaining behind. In this design we meant to bring a futuristic yet powerful design, with fluid forms and new materials. We aimed to create a reception area, a lounge area and a bar.The reception itself and other items of furniture the lounge area are treated as icerberg peaks and are highlighted by glass walls surrounding them.

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