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Thales Offices

Thales Offices

Authors: arh. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arh. Oana Cucoranu, arh. Cosmina Adăscăliței, arh. Traian Despoiu
Firm: Prographic Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

Thales is a global company that helps create a safer world, combining a unique diversity of expertise, talents, and cultures. The firm’s headquarters in Orhideea Tower becomes a business card, an expression of the 5 keys sectors of the company: aerospace, space, ground transport, defense, and security. The concept combines color and corporate design elements with brand-specific features that capture and translate employees into another dimension. Thus, the
reception and waiting area translate you into an airport, and you can see the clouds on the airplane windows on the corridors. The Science Fiction elements are stylistically enchanting the layout: informal meeting spaces in a space ship or in a train compartment. The general, playful, geometrical lines define a dynamic, unconventional interior space, full of personality. The color palette is vibrant, with live blue, green and yellow accents. The recurring shape of the textures
is the triangle, as a subtle reference to the company’s name.

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