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Huawei Offices

Huawei Offices

Authors: arh. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arh. Oana Cucuoranu, arh. Traian Despoiu, arh. Cosmina Adascalitei, arh. Sabina Gherghel, arh. Catalina Nechifor, arh. Alexandru Abostănoae
Firm: Prographic Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

The extension of the office space from the lower floors was achieved by taking certain elements that give continuity and introducing a series of new elements, specific to the space. We find the logo transformed into a decorative body, the ceiling cutouts that reveal the network of installations and the structure of resistance in a way that suggests that behind everything there is a technological effort. The degraded texture of the carpet goes from a neutral hue to a color accent and from a horizontal to a vertical surface of the wall, becoming an element of acoustic absorption. The function of the floor is complemented by a gymnasium, which radiates energy on its own, through the dynamic configuration of finishes and luminaires.
Designing a canteen serving Chinese food, on the 25th floor of an office building was a double challenge, both technically and stylistically. Considering the type of kitchen that requires
special appliances with high heat and smell releases, the technical solution involved making a 4-square-meters cut across the slabs between floors to allow the passage of vented air ducts. Hoods with state-of-the-art systems were used, and the ventilation unit of 6 meter height was climbed to the terrace by using a crane. From a design point of view, the canteen combines Chinese aesthetic principles (symmetry, geometry and simplicity) with more commercial elements:
color, vegetation and natural materials. The main design gesture accentuates the pillars, around which the illumination is arranged like rays while on the floor there are visible dynamic shapes in different shades of gray.

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