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Zitec Offices

Zitec Offices

Authors: arh. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arh. Monica Trașcă, arh. Florin Florescu, arh. Alexandra Diaconu, arh. Simina Gheorghe
Firm: Prographic Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

An intriguing proposal. The client wanted a spaceship set in a Mad Max universe. Our team proposed a compromise between sci-fi-inspired elements and details inspired by nature. Thus, the idea of a slowly decaying spaceship overcome by nature became the design concept. Mixing a wide range of themes we managed to have ”The Dining in the Universe” cafeteria, “The Spaceship Crashed in Jurassic Time” relax areas, “The Space Invaders - Salt Mine” a tantalizing relax space, “Main Bridge” and “Star Trek” meeting rooms or moving toward the fantasy realm we have the “Forever Young”, “Dune”,”The King” and “Harap Alb” meeting rooms. Every enclosed space has a theme. Every nook and cranny has a meaning for the client and his team. Aside from the materials, colors and high quality finishes the entire office is bright, spacious, it feels fresh, green and young.

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