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A.T. Kearney Offices

A.T. Kearney Offices

Authors: Arh. Stefan Alberto Bianco, Arh. Cucoranu Oana, Arh. Lavinia Moraru, Arh. Mehdi Khosrou-Yar, Arh. Sabina Gherghel, Arh. Maria Morariu
Firm: Prographic Architecture Studio

Authors’ Comment

The design of this office is inspired by the brand values of the company in order to obtain a working space that is creative and dynamic, adapted to the needs of its users. The positioning of the space in a building with a special historical and architectural character created a series of challenges in articulating all the requested functions in a coherent way. We managed to find the best way to accommodate all the meeting spaces near the reception area and that resulted in a large space that was assigned to relaxing and working areas. The office area is situated in the part of the building that benefits most from direct sunlight and a view that opens up to the city center.

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