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Akua Garden Pub Design

Ploiesti, jud. Prahova, România
Authors: arch. Irina Buică, arch. Alexandra Ghindoc / Arhia

Authors’ Comment

With a fairly long length, the space has led us to introduce a series of elements in the design in order to break the linearity of the space. As used materials we chose to use metal, wood and stabilized plants inserts, and as finishes, the apparent concrete plaster and the existing brick. The main idea of the concept are the frangible lines, found in several forms, with the role of providing the dynamic of space. These are found in the zig-zag-shaped metallic luminaires, expanded metal panel plating on the wall and metallic platbands of various sizes, and at the luminaires placed above the bar, made up of copper pipe. As a general image, the space reflects a blend of black, thin lines, with expanded black metal surfaces and Edison light bulbs, alternated depending on the area with cold finishes, industrial, like apparent concrete, or warm finishes, like wood and stabilized plants. So, entering the space, we found ourselves in a pub atmosphere with industrial accents, and as we go through, the atmosphere relaxes, making the extremes warmer and familiar.

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