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Beiersdorf Romania Office Design

București, România
Authors: arch. Irina Buică, arch. Alexandra Ghindoc / Arhia

Authors’ Comment

The owners wanted to adapt the existing space in which the office now functions, in order to respect the demands of the company’s new guideline, as well as providing new, contemporary air to the work space. Starting from this rather restrictive guideline, we transformed the existing, linear and crowded space into an open and dynamic space. From the reception area, there are different lines in the space that change the orthogonal direction, either through functional separations or through furniture and decorative elements. We proposed informal spaces in the middle of the open area, phone booths and discussion tables, that are marked by angle change, taking over the idea from the reception area. The oblique direction is found in the carpet pattern, as well as at the ceiling level, by making wooden embedded decorative blades. The alternation of the four informal zones, even in the center of the open space, makes a visual separation and gives the dynamics of space using the adjacent surfaces of the central pillars.

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