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Interior design office space PEP

Interior design office space PEP

Authors: arh. Alexandra Ghindoc, arh. Monica Trasca, arh. Stefan Handaric

MEP: Instaltek Project SRL
Project Management: Colliers Romania
Antreprenor General: Colliers Romania
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

Our concept solution focuses on creating a frindly and open environment for the employees who can find a pleasant and playful space at the office, regardless of their type of workplace – in-person, hybrid or, even, work from home, they can find an informal workspace, with the focus on coworking areas, according to the growing trend in new corporate offices.
In this direction, we have also chosen and implemented areas of open industrial ceiling painted and integrated in the false ceiling in the open space working area. This kind of intervention is popular for new office design, giving the posibility of a higher ceiling height, as well as the posibility to personalise it by painting it in the desired colors.
The company’s brand image is supposed to be the most visible and most powerful in the reception and the guest receiving area, through the integration of personalized elements in our design that use the chromatics of the company’s brands. In the open space work areas, we’ve integrated the company’s brands through the use of their specific chromatics – painting the industrial ceiling openings blue, inserting brand specific elements and prints in our design.
All of these elements and details work towards creating a work environment that feels comfortable, fresh and friendly, with integrated brand elements.