ro | en showroom. The gallery of Romanian bathroom design showroom. The gallery of Romanian bathroom design

Authors: arh. Cătălina Roșu, arh. Elena Ștefănescu, arh. Andrei Ștefănescu
Firm: studio ae - studio architecture & evolution / Atelier SEA SRL

Collaborators: • Anandree Design // Andreica Andreea, • In House Design // arh. Flavia Bușcan, • Kind Design Studio, • IJO Studio // Beatrice Mares / Daniela Sechila, • Dilamo Design // Dima Laura Monica, • Iulia Știru Interior Design //, • Mialmi Design // Arh. Alexandra Miruna MILOTOI, • Studio Quary // Vlad Luca, • Cristian Pătrașcu Studio // Cristian Pătrașcu, • Stefanidis Concept // Ștefanidis Irina, • Beneficiarii // echipa Neakaisă, • Constructor // Anton Group
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment showroom // The gallery of Romanian bathroom design

The project concept was to create a gallery of Romanian designed bathrooms.
11 teams of architects and designers accepted the invitation to create innovative bathroom concepts for Neakaisa showroom, the first offline store of the brand.
The exhibit follows the geometry and shape of the historical building. Each room contains a bathroom design. The collaboration between the teams was a success. Each team created a unique concept and each designer had the liberty to create.
The corridor is a pause between the rooms of the exhibition.
Every bathroom proposes different colors, textures, sensations for the clients that interact and react to each ambience. Therefore, the visitors can find inspirations and new ideas than can be use.
We can observe that there are common design directions of the teams: composition and equilibrium, nature and travel as inspiration, surprising colors, the importance of light, contrasting textures.
Although they are so different, there is unity in the diversity of the exhibition.