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Irina Schrotter retail shop
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / Corporate and Retail Space Design” section

Irina Schrotter retail shop

Authors: arh. Anda Zota, arh. Elena (Viziteu) Ionescu, Ruxandra Enache, Theodora Palie

Builder: Bogdan Vlad_Allevoaedificia
Client: Irina Schrotter
Mobilier: Atelier Vast
Iluminat: Greentek_Lighting
Photo: Vlad Patru

Authors’ Comment

The space highlights a commitment to purity, clean lines and simple geometries, while maintaining a distinctive openness to a new materiality. Proving that retail design should address change and future thinking, the store becomes an atmospheric place where customers can detach from the general shopping-mall experience and dive into the universe of the brand’s inner status quo. As an interplay of sleek and raw geometries, the store still renders as concentrated and prosaic, leaving space for the design pieces to stand up. The one-room store space has a simple and easy-to-read floor plan. The general space of 100 sqm was divided by two walls covered with metallic sheet, delimiting a dressing room and a storage. Composed of seemingly capricious repetitions of alike-proportioned steel plates, the walls feel eerie and untouchable. Strikes of light reflect and refract, transforming the cold texture into a somewhat-light installation with a sense of austere irrationality.
Along with the dividing walls, the clean microcement floor becomes a canvas for the irregular lines shaping the clothing wracks and the raw, geometric sculpture forming the cashier desk. Natural plaster covers the walls with a repetitive 3D texture, resembling a wallpapered textile that warms up the rigorous architecture. In contrast with all the clean lines of the design, two large curtains enclose the spaces in the back of the dividing walls, crafting a well-composed dialogue of forms and textures. A general care for natural materials was one of the main concerns when designing the store, proving that sustainability is not an issue when addressing a shopping-mall retail space.