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Discovery Arena

Discovery Arena

Authors: arh. Miruna Pribeagu, arh. Georgiana Spiridon, arh. Flavia Pesuc, arh. Gabriel Dan Pribeagu, arh. Theodora Bratu, arh. Alina Miclos Andreea
Firm: SC Reflex Architecture SRL

Collaborators: Constructor SC PRECOM SRL, Fotograf Sebastian Stan, Beneficiar Discovery Arena, Mobilier custom SC Ruscan Mob SRL

Authors’ Comment

In the context of the Discovery Arena project, we proposed an integrative approach with the aim of transforming an existing structure into an entertainment complex, combining the function of a computer gaming hall with adjacent bar and restaurant facilities. This initiative was shaped to create a distinctive atmosphere, marked by fantastic influences and themes inspired by iconic games, with particular attention to lighting to create a captivating ambiance.
The user's journey begins in a vestibule that serves as an entrance and reception area. Decorated in a fantasy style, this vestibule functions as a prelude to the experience that will follow and is adjacent to the central space, namely the bar. The bar is positioned in a way that encourages socialization among users. The terrarium marks the perspective endpoint of the central space and introduces a natural and vibrant touch. Functionally, the terrarium generates a secondary flow.
The interior design of this project is characterized by juxtaposing classical and contemporary elements. Decorative elements, such as cornices and ceiling ornaments, have been integrated to preserve the character of the building. The applied lighting accents, along with details like radiator masks inspired by Pac-Man, transform this space into an invitation to play.
The focal point of the entire ensemble is the lighting fixture, maintaining its central position and significantly contributing to the overall atmosphere. This lighting fixture consists of illuminated connectors mounted on a metal structure, thus generating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow in perfect harmony with the fantastic nature of the entire complex. Additionally, the light elegantly reflects on the bar's quartz countertop and its metallic finish, adding a new level of complexity to the space.
The "Discovery Arena" project exemplifies the process of adapting and metamorphosing a pre-existing structure into a contemporary multifunctional environment. The integration of fantastic themes and influences from the world of games into a contemporary context has materialized through a synergistic collaboration of lighting and color aspects.