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KRUK România Headquarters

KRUK România Headquarters

Authors: arh. Anda Manu, arh. Verona Panait, arh. Adriana Gigoi, arh. Ana Stoian, arh. Ileana Bălan
Firm: AMA Design

Constructii/ Project Management: AMA AGPM
Instalatii sanitare: MC General Construct
Client: KRUK România
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

Kruk Romania is a good example of why Workplace Strategy works better than just designing on presumed needs. The management of the company agreed to take on the challenge proposed by the architects to involve every team member in the process of defining what their future workplace should look like. As a result, this space is purely designed based on people needs and preferences, but in the same time is respecting the business requirements.
One of the biggest accomplishments was that the company reduced the number of leased floors from three to just one, while still prioritizing its employees, and as a result, their replies precisely specified the criteria on which architects optimized the remaining floor. They succeeded to transform a mostly un-utilized post pandemic workplace into a lively working HUB, where teams are more efficient by having exactly the tools and spaces that they need.
It was a Design&Build type of process, fully managed by the architects in all phases of the project.