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Authors: arh. Alexandru Niculescu, arh. Ștefan-Cătălin Ivanov
Firm: 2BA

Builder: Edil Construct 2004
Client: F 64 Studio
Artist grafic: Kolor Me
Photo: Alexandru Niculescu

Authors’ Comment

The transformation project of the F64 commercial space, located at 64 Unirii Boulevard in Bucharest, was a complex and inspirational challenge. The beneficiary, the F64 photography store, was looking for a new location that would reflect the modern and airy aspect of its concept, but the initial state of the space was a cause for concern. The interior was deteriorated and poorly compartmentalized, far from offering the potential required for a spacious and elegant store.

We managed to convince the beneficiary that we could transform the space into a modern concept store with an impressive design. One of the main challenges was the compartmentalization of the space, which had many unconventional angles. To unify the entire space, we chose to start with fluid lines that create a cohesive and pleasant atmosphere.

For the flooring, we chose two contrasting materials: concrete and wooden parquet. This choice created an interesting visual interplay, adding a modern and warm aspect at the same time. The furniture was made from composite material, Corian, which provides a unified look and allows for the creation of large pieces suitable for a concept store. Elements of natural oak wood were used as accents to add warmth and authenticity to the space.

To maintain an authentic touch and emphasize the industrial aspect, the ceiling and pillars were left in their raw form, with exposed concrete. The ceiling was painted black, along with all the installations mounted on it, to create a contrast with the rest of the space.

Given that photography is a highly visual art, we wanted to bring elements of street art into the project. We chose complementary colors to highlight the primary color of the F64 brand, orange. These elements were integrated in the form of contemporary artworks, adding a touch of innovation and originality to the space.

One of the major challenges of the project was the modernization of the facade on Unirii Boulevard. It had a socialist architecture, which required a careful and inspired approach. We managed to preserve specific elements of socialist architecture but modernized them to fit with the concept of the F64 store. Thus, the facade became an emblematic element of the space, attracting the attention of passersby and highlighting the store's commitment to innovation and creativity.

Therefore, the transformation of the F64 store at 64 Unirii Boulevard into a modern, spacious, and airy concept store was an impressive architectural success, bringing a new breath of fresh air to the commercial landscape of Bucharest.