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Le Manoir

Le Manoir

Authors: arh. Corvin Cristian, arh. Adrian Oancea, arh. Ana Oancea
Firm: Corvin Cristian Studio

Client: Le Manoir SRL
Iluminat: Greentek Lighting
Mobilier custom: Arcade Group
Photo: Corvin Cristian

Authors’ Comment

Le Manoir is a gourmet market selling mostly French produce, hence it features French icons such as the "bar au zinc" or the classic bistro chairs.

The shelves are custom designed to accommodate a variety of heights according to changes in the products variety and, also, they are in solid wood, to recall a certain crafty handmade appearance suitable to support natural, farm to table products. The market also has a Patisserie, a Boucherie, a bar and a Sushi place. It also organizes seated dinners between the shelves.