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HEI & Rompetrol

HEI & Rompetrol

Authors: arh. Corvin Cristian, arh. Ana Mălăianu, arh. Șerban Roșca, arh. Petru Lăluț, arh. Vlad Hani
Firm: Corvin Cristian Studio, Workroom Architecture

Structure project: NID Proiect SRL
plumbing: COM-TID Engineering SRL
Iluminat: Greentek
Photo: Corvin Cristian

Authors’ Comment

The new concept HEI and Rompetrol stations is a major step forward in retail and gas station design, disruptive to the rest of the local market, an unprecedented innovative approach both in operation as in design. Both the exterior and the interior design are closer to airport design than to the ubiquitous gas station typology along the highways.

The exterior has an almost 3 meters cantilevered metal wing which acts as protection for customers but also for the floor to ceiling shopwindows.

The interior abounds with natural materials and textures: natural veneer ceiling, natural stones terrazzo, massive wood elements, subdued natural tones of green. HEI has three main sections: the market, the coffee shop and the restaurant. Furniture has rounded corners to suit the sinuous flow of customers. The restrained palette conveys a sense of naturalness and refinement creating a sophisticated contemporary timeless look and welcoming environment.

Light is dedicated, not uniform, allowing for an overall intimate atmosphere more suitable for the restaurant, with highlights only where needed. Streamlined furniture lines encourage a fluid circulation between main points of interest.