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EH Upgrade

EH Upgrade

Authors: arh. Emil Burbea-Milesuc, arh. Cristian Nae

Coauthors: arh.Radu Tudor Ponta, arh.Oana Iacob, arh.Alexandra Zăgan
Structure project: ing. Adrian Niculescu (AxII Design Studio)
Confecții metalice: Florin Capanu (Adax Solutions)
Mobilier: Cristian Nistor (Theta)
Builder: Dan Tudor (TDG Construct)
Project Manager: Dragoș Bădulescu (BSS)
Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

10 years after the interior design of the entrance lobby of the Europe House building, we were asked to imagine a facelift that would refresh the image of this space and implicitly of the entire building. We convinced the owner not to replace everything, but to keep and recondition part of the finishes of the original project. Thus, we managed to give a new life to the sheet metal ceiling, also designed by us and executed in 2011, keeping the positions and shapes cut in the ceiling both for the double reception in the shape of "X" and for the circular "O” waiting area, now transformed into a central bar. The work with perforated sheets allowed us to model minimal outlines, but which would gain depth through the existence of backlights: the cleanliness of the obtained space is enriched by the simplicity of its detailing. So, 10 years after its implementation, the original project reinvented its main qualities in the form of a new design.