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Clinic Interior Design

Clinic Interior Design

Authors: arh. Daniel Popescu, mng. proiect Cătălina Popescu, arh. Theodora Radu, arh. Mircea Comandatu
Firm: Fabrica de Arhitectură

plumbing: COM-TID Engineering
Photo: Sabin Prodan
Text: arh. Ana-Maria Lazăr
Client: Umana Fertility
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The interior design project involves setting up a fertility clinic. The project's aim was to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for patients, instilling a sense of optimism and hope.
The proposal focuses on establishing a path from the reception area to the medical units, emphasizing a gradual increase in the space's intimacy. Consequently, the reception area is the most spacious, functioning as the primary welcoming zone. The public character is defined by the considerable height of the space, treated in neutral colors.
The transition from the reception space to the waiting areas is done smoothly through the curved line of the wooden wall that borders the reception. In this zone, the wooden coffered ceiling goes down to human scale, induce a feeling of protection. The geometric rigor is softened by the warm texture of the wood.
In the medical offices, the same materials are used, but the chosen furniture is functional and ergonomic. The project provides a conducive environment for healing and hope for everyone who enters this clinic.