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Dermatology Clinic

Dermatology Clinic

Authors: urb. Ioana Daria Toghe, arh. Octavian Gugu
Firm: Citylife Arhitectura

Builder: Anto Original Design SRL
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

Context. The space is located on the ground floor of a collective housing building, having previously been intended for a similar function.
Design theme. The brief consisted in the provision of 4 consultation and treatment rooms, a sterilization room, reception and two sanitary groups for both staff and visitors respectively. The major wishes of the beneficiary were: ensuring as many storage spaces as possible, ensuring the functionality of each cabinet, according to ergonomic principles and last but not least the attractive aesthetic appearance. Challenges. From an architectural point of view, the biggest concern was to integrate the constructive or installation elements that could not be modified (beams, air conditioning units, radiators, etc.) into a unitary spatial concept. Equal attention was paid to the functional aspect related to the hierarchy and relationship between the spaces. I also had to deal with a limited range of finishes, usually used in spaces with a medical function, always taking into account the economic aspect.
Solutions. The most important space is the reception. This was reduced to a square shape in plan with the help of two new sides suggested by the transparent arches. They also have the role of leading patients to medical offices, creating alveoli that house the waiting area and the reception desk. The rounded frames were specially created to mask the existing (visible) structural elements, creating premises for an organic relationship with the furniture that was to be integrated (desks, mirrors, wardrobes, radiator covers, air conditioner covers). In the end we obtained unitary spaces, which provide a pleasant feeling to the users.
Finishes and aesthetics. The finishes are chosen in such a way as to convey a feeling of relaxation in the first place, but with small doses of contrast and a restricted chromatic range. Also, all the requirements required by medical activities were taken into account. In each space, the wall finishes (veneer, decorative paint, vinyl wallpaper) have the role of the background that highlights certain details such as: the rounded lines of the fixed furniture, the lighting objects or the organic shape of the chairs.