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KPMG Romania

KPMG Romania

Authors: arh. Corvin Cristian, arh. Adrian Oancea, arh. Ana Mălăianu, arh. Alia Al-Jabbari, arh. Vlad Hani
Firm: Corvin Cristian Studio, Plusminus Arhitectura

Client: KPMG România
Executant fit-out: Corporate Office Solutions (COS)
plumbing: Instal Data Proiect
Iluminat: Greentek Lighting
Compartimentări, confecții speciale și mobilier custom: Arcade Group
Photo: Corvin Cristian

Authors’ Comment

"KPMG Romania" and its interior design seek to align with KPMG's values, reflecting integrity, excellence, courage, togetherness, and a commitment to making things better.

Integrity through Design: The interior design embraces a sense of integrity by using to clear lines and a no-nonsense approach. There's an honest simplicity that speaks to KPMG's value of doing what is right.
Excellence in Details: Our approach was an in-depth detail design, trying to leave no corner untouched. This approach reflects KPMG's commitment to never stop learning and improving.
Courageous Design Lines: The design incorporates courageous lines, symbolizing the value of thinking and acting boldly. Curved corners, natural shapes, and generous design gestures all convey a sense of creativity.
Common Areas: The project wanted to create social spaces that encourage group interaction, by fostering a sense of togetherness. Glass partitioning systems with vertical wooden frames and curtain separators offer both transparency and intimacy, striking a balance that aligns with KPMG's value of respecting each other's differences.

The design includes sustainability and wellness features, such as acoustic treatments, biophilic design with organic, sinuous lines alongside greenery and large vegetal insertions. The project seeks to blend organic, streamlined shapes, natural textures (real wood veneer, stone, natural fabrics), and a neutral color scheme. The majority of spaces benefit from natural light, promoting well-being and sustainability.

The connection to nature through the interior design, is reflected by large, planted areas, large views towards the exterior, and the use of natural and honest materials. The choice of a neutral color scheme and a timeless interior architecture creates a workplaces design that endures over time, fostering concentration and long-term relevance.

Wooden furniture with rounded, friendly lines and various lounge seating creates cozy conversation areas. The design also includes a gallery-like atmosphere, in the main foyer area, that showcases artwork and celebrates culture, reflecting KPMG's commitment to art and culture.

The interior design project for KPMG Romania seeks an alignment to KPMG's values, by putting focus on well-being, integrity and sustainability over time, creating a workspace that feels comfortable, which encourages human interactions.