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Gym K1

Gym K1

Authors: arh. int. Andreea Gurita, arh. int. Teodora Brincus, arh. int. Radu Calin, arh. Diana Dachin
Firm: PickTwo Studio

Authors’ Comment

A gym space should be functional yet appealing for the customers at the same time. The space has a unitary monochrome look that becomes a canvas for hard work and determination.
We propose a strong design based on raw materials such as the existing concrete walls and ceiling combined with minimalist accents: linear LED lighting, simple custom furniture (the lockers, waiting area), graphic details (stencils used as signage and accent graphic walls). and rectangular shapes (furniture and lighting fixtures). This compact space is brutal for those who want to workout and soft, comfortable and cosy for those who are relaxing. The locker rooms are the rewarding area of the gym, a place with a touch of warm materials such as wood.