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DKV Office Interior Design

DKV Office Interior Design

Authors: arh. Ștefan Bianco, arh. Iulia Popescu, arh. Oana Cucoranu, arh. Marius Diaconu, arh. Angela Dumitrescu
Firm: Prographic Architecture Studio
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The approach to designing the DKV offices focused on creating a connected, stimulating and functional work environment, in which the brand identity, outlined by graphic inserts representing the company's values and mission, is discreetly integrated into the design of the space.

We started from the desire to offer the space a fluid interconnection of the various activity areas. Subtle marked pathways on the floor and ceiling direct users in a natural and intuitive flow. They encourage movement and interaction between colleagues, making collaboration and the exchange of ideas easy.

The colorful inserts in the carpet add a distinctive and playful touch to the space. With vibrant shades of color strategically placed, each area can become a reference point. Linear lighting fixtures are an essential part of the aesthetic, guiding users through the space and emphasizing the natural flow of pathways.

The accent on strong colors creates a strong visual impact. From strong shades of blue, green and orange to elegant tones of gray and black, these colors emphasize the company's personality and create an atmosphere full of dynamism. By combining these colors in a smart way, we were able to give the space a unique and lively identity.