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Office design for a Global Leader in Live Dealer Gaming: a winning Game!

Office design for a Global Leader in Live Dealer Gaming: a winning Game!

Authors: arh. Irina Stoica, arh. Daria Holostencu, arh. stagiar Maria Mota, Brand strategist Toni Bunaiașu
Firm: SelfDezign

Antreprenor General: Tetris Romania
Management de proiect: JLL
Mobilier standard, custom și soluții acustice: Workspace Studio
Photo: Bela Benedek

Authors’ Comment

From spontaneous ideas to standardized processes, work today is more varied than ever – so shouldn't our offices be the same?

In this company's office design, employees can choose from a range of spaces that support their activities, strengthen their connection with colleagues and help them complete specific tasks. These set-ups are designed in ways that uniquely express the culture of the organization, turning the office into a valuable company asset. Thus, design starts from an understanding of what all people have in common to create workplaces that seem intuitive, natural. The concept is based on the idea of "living office", a dynamic and flexible space that favors the natural interaction of employees and stimulates creativity.

The design has a fundament in recent studies that identify 6 significant patterns in the ways organizations are using space to support new ways of working:
1. From Standard Conference Rooms to a Variety of Group Settings;
2. From Oversized Conference Rooms to Precision-Fit Meeting Spaces;
3. From Assigned Seats to Shared Workpoints;
4. From Privacy-as-Luxury to Privacy-on-Demand;
5. From Required Circulation to Desired Connection;
6. From Distant Breakrooms to Central Plazas;

The 905.78 sqm space, located in Campus C - Pipera, was created to meet all the requirements and standards of the company - a Global Leader in the industry of Live Dealer Gaming. The design follows a modern concept, with neutral colors, in gray and beige tones with red and green accents in accordance with the brand manual.
The Floor concept follows the brand guidelines. The red dot is the main element of the brand language, it represents the live dealing experience. Red stands for excitement, being youthful, being bold, energetic, provocative and attention grabbing. In this office the red dot marks gathering and collaboration spaces where people team up and join ideas in a creative, informal manner that busts creativity and productivity.

Studies listed 10 common ways that people work together or alone — from incidental and impromptu interaction to content creation - all backup-ed by 10 settings that support people’s activities, enhance their experiences, and fulfil their needs:
1. Hive - A grouping of workstations that allows people to harmoniously engage in individual and collaborative work.
2. Haven - A small shelter where focused work can be done without distraction.
3. Clubhouse - A working neighborhood that belongs to a team assigned to a specific, long-term project.
4. Forum - Supports the presentation and discussion of content.
5. Jump Space - Comprised of highly approachable work points, a Jump Space facilitates work for short periods of time.
6. Cove - A compact setting near individual work points that enables people to work together for short periods.
7. Plaza - The vibrant and dynamic heart of the landscape, this is a place where people can take the pulse of the organization.
8. Workshop - The ideal setting for people to work together to generate the ideas.
9. Meeting Space - Designed to support information sharing – whether it’s a single speaker or a group of colleagues.
10. Landing - An open spot adjacent to Meeting Spaces, Forums, or Workshops, where people can warm up before meetings and cool down after they end.

Thus, in the office, furniture, work tools and their placement play an essential role in employee productivity and facilitate the achievement of the company's goals.
For this reason, the space includes a multitude of informal areas for relaxation, teamwork and brainstorming. The furniture was carefully chosen to fit harmoniously with the overall décor.

Beyond standard furniture and lighting, we paid meticulous attention to decorative elements that honor the brand's identity. How? Through casino themed wallpapers. With acoustic cladding that replicates dice or playing cards. Through brightly colored accessories that exude warmth, excitement, but also relaxation. The outcome? A world where 2 seemingly antagonistic elements enter into synergy: play and work.