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Townhall Registration Office District 6 - Cora Lujerului

Townhall Registration Office District 6 - Cora Lujerului

Authors: Arh. Ana-Maria Chertes, Daniela Gheorghiu
Firm: As&DC Design&Arch Studio

Executant mobilier: Mobili per casa
Client: Primaria Sectorului 6
Photo: Membrii echipei

Authors’ Comment

The initiative began with the creation of a distinct and exclusive visual identity that aptly represented the characteristics and essence of the local public administration in Bucharest. Within the context of arranging office spaces in a commercial environment, the central concept revolved around the meticulous and strategic organization of workspaces. This was achieved through the employment of clearly defined geometric elements that were intentionally integrated into the design scheme. These elements not only contributed to the aesthetics of the space but also played a crucial role in enhancing the overall functionality by facilitating the seamless flow of individuals throughout the office environment. The design prioritized the optimization of the spatial layout to create an environment that not only embodies the spirit of the local public administration but also fosters efficiency and productivity among its occupants.