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CMS România Headquarters

CMS România Headquarters

Authors: arh. Anda MAnu, arh. Karina Picuș, arh. Oana Pop, arh. Alice Voicu, arh. Ana Stoian, arh. Ileana Bălan, arh. Alexandru Cosma
Firm: AMA Design

Mobilier : COS
Builder: Project 1
Client: CMS România
Photo: Vlad Pătru, Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

CMS Romania attorneys at law implemented an innovative interior design strategy to create an environment for the team to feel like a strong community.
Attorneys frequently work alone in private offices and engage in more solitary activities. This workplace, on the other hand, is structured in a unique way, with the two main areas if the buiding being connected in a cozy cafeteria and a relaxing lounge. There are numerous opportunities for connection and engagement as you must pass through these shared spaces to go to the other side of the workplace. Having a reduced number of private offices, everyone has the use of a range of shared workstations, phone booths, and open meeting spaces.
Despite the company had 2 leased floors, the architects designed the welcome area on one of the floors and reunite all the teams on the other floor. The client area is entirely intended to be a premium and attractive setting, whilst the workstation is kept in a more welcoming environment with softer shades.