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Tree office

Tree office

Authors: arh. Karin Serban, arh. Andrei Serban
Firm: ArhiDinamiK

Client: Diana Artene - nutritionist
Photo: ArhiDinamiK

Authors’ Comment

Vrksasana - Tree Pose in Yoga - represents the conceptual foundation in the design of this space with unique personality, symbolising the message the nutrition cabinet wishes to convey to their customers: a synthesis of balance, stability, strength, relaxation, and focus.
The arranged space unfolds on two levels and stands out due to the height of the main area, giving it an intriguing architectural character, even though its dimensions are relatively modest. The overarching design concept is expressed through a modern aesthetic characterised by pure forms and straight lines.
The symbolism of the tree is reflected in all aspects of the design, concretely highlighted by a realistic tree trunk that appears to support the office that is designed as a veritable 'nest.' This theme is emphasised and continued in the composition through stylised elements, such as LED lighting strips on the ceiling and wooden slats on the walls, suggesting branches, and flexible LED strips representing vines.
The forest-themed wallpaper, visible from both the reception area and the office, sets the stage, extending the perspective and giving the interior new spatial dimensions.
The glazing on the upper floor towards the waiting area, framing the forest image, redefines the initially confined office space, creating a unified ensemble. The 'nest' is designed as a well-defined, private, intimate space, meant to maintain a visual and conceptual connection with the reception area. These two spaces interact significantly, complementing each other and contributing to the formation of a conclusive and complete image.
The atmosphere is emphasised and reinforced through subtle acoustic effects, such as bird songs, and refined decorative details, such as bird figurines. As a result, a compact space is enriched with a unique and defining personality, with a significant impact on those who experience it.