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Aviatiei Apartment

bucharest, România
Author: arch. Ioana Corbu / IC Studio
Collaborators: arh. Amalia Enache
arh. Andra Andrei
fotografii: Marius Vasile

Authors’ Comment

Topic: the interior design of an apartment in a communist block of flats in Aviatiei area, for a young couple. The owners wished for a bright home, but not flashy colors, geometric shapes, quality but not luxury finishings and a lot of “camouflaged” storage spaces. Main problems: lop-sided walls, ceilings, floors, out of order plumbing, reduced height of ceilings. We opted for “artificial” ajustments, but not massive so that we wouldn’t reduce the spaces a lot. The solutions are based more on bespoke furniture, but we also used series products – for financial reasons, light colors, accents of artificial light. The budget was kept under control even from the first phase of stripping the old finishings from the apartment an balanced by using materials with special textures, expensive only for the maximum attractivity areas. The design resembles the personality of the owners: clear lines, but not rigid, adaptable furniture to use in various sitting scenarios, warm colors, geometrical textures and more conceptual than illustrative graphic.

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