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The Agricultural Active Learning Center of Caracal, Romania

The Agricultural Active Learning Center of Caracal, Romania

Authors: Maria Alexandra Pițuru

Tutor: Lect.dr.arh. Ana Maria Crisan
Universitatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism „Ion Mincu”, Facultatea de Arhitectură

Authors’ Comment

The concept of The Agricultural Active Learning Center of Caracal is integration between function and agriculture which are related to the background of the people and using the agriculture pattern to create the space and continuous surface to connect the people. The proposal is the answer to the current issue the city of Caracal is facing: the depopulation and the ignorance of the agricultural potential offered by the geographical location, which has been present since the founding of the settlement. The intention is to increase the efficiency of the facilities of the agricultural Research Station in Caracal, which already has an important place at the national level.
The intervention plays a key-role in the tissue regeneration, but also on a social, economic and urban scale through empowerment. Social inclusion, the creation of a sustainable and responsible community for the future, with a vision are the main goals. All this is happening in the context in which Caracal is an important pole for the surrounding communes and villages, but also for the whole south of the country in terms of agriculture.
This project aims to explore the architectural solutions in the current community, to understand the overall characteristics of the community and to create the new places that can truly reconnect people to their inherent being of working the earth.
Moving along with the linear shape of the agriculture fields, which is the agriculture pattern on the site, the architecture takes and makes those lines as a base for the buildings. By extension, the field becomes building and building becomes fields, exploiting all the potential of the site.

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