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Forest Soul – off-grid ecotourism complex

Forest Soul – off-grid ecotourism complex

Authors: Miruna Patricia Lup

Tutor: Conf. Dr. Arh. Oana Diaconescu
UAUIM - Facultatea de Arhitectură de interior

Authors’ Comment

The concept is built around the relationship between human and nature, having the key words of sustainability, ecotourism, rural living, community, health and nature as a life and energy resource.
The project proposes an off-grid retreat or ecotourism complex, a reversible intervention that would not leave permanent marks on the landscape and natural environment.
Besides the evident benefits of holidays in nature to human health and psychic, lately, ecotourism has been seen as one of the main ways to sustainably develop communities from disadvantaged rural areas in order to save them from urban migration and eventually abandonment, turning them into “ghost villages” that become a both social and environmental problem.
The project proposes the rehabilitation of an old house and its conversion into arts and crafts workshops, as well as the construction on the surrounding land of accommodation units, a mini farm for km0 products and some common areas for relaxing and socializing.
It also aims to bond local people and communities with the tourists, promoting good quality and sustainable forms of tourism, as well as becoming a model for future development projects in rural areas around the region, all while keeping alive the spirit of the place.
In general, the interior design style adopts an organic contemporary look, that combines the functionality and simplicity of present day design with a cozy atmosphere and the beauty and imperfections of natural materials in a sense of co-living and adaptability to nature from the vernacular architecture. All furniture is custom made in local workshops mainly from reclaimed wood or from certified sources.
I opted for warm earthy tones, combined with local wood essences and natural fabrics such as jute, wool and hemp.
Also, the front porch area, a reinterpretation of the traditional “prispa” is closed with sliding shading panels made of vertical reclaimed wood planks so the guests can choose the level of intimacy they want.

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