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Văcărești Nature Reserve Infrastructure
  • Nomination for the “Research through Architecture / Architecture Diplomas” section

Văcărești Nature Reserve Infrastructure

Authors: Mihai Șom

Tutor: Florian Stanciu
Universitatea de Arhitectura Ion Mincu Bucuresti

Authors’ Comment

"Overturned places" can be found in any city, a mirror of the
civilized world that neutralizes the city's network. Such a place,
which Michael Foucault would call heterotopia, exists in
southeastern Bucharest, Romania. Its name is Văcărești. What
began as a large hydrotechnical project in the 1980s has gradually
become the most important urban natural area. Overrunning the
place of what used to be Lake Văcărești, a complete ecosystem
was created.
However, in order to maintain its character and enhance its
resilience, human intervention is needed once again.
The word "infrastructure" in the title of the project refers to all
the interventions needed to achieve balance. The necessary works
on the park consist in finding a solution for maintaining the
constant water level in the ponds, creating the visiting
infrastructure and maintenance of the wetlands as well as
ensuring the protection of the local fauna. Beyond these
objectives related to the ecological aspect, the reservation is the
"home" of the association that takes care of urban natural areas
throughout the country. Its activity is transposed in the matter of
the house on the hill. This embassy contains garden-related
spaces, laboratories, temporary housing for researchers, offices,
exhibition halls, an observatory and a public library.

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