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“Full Moon” Apartment

București, România
Authors: arch. Irina Neculae, arch. Roxana Dima / INBA + RDBA
Collaborators: Cert Construct Invest, Huxa Studio, Edil Porte, Pazo Group, Exclusive Floors, Apple Design, Gradini Verticale, Rovere Mobili, Helios Pls

Authors’ Comment

Covering the last floor of a new residential building, the apartment reflects through the interior design the contrast between the urban patterns in which the building was built and the open view towards the park. The functional division proposed in the architectural project was enhanced by the colors and the textures used for the interior design project: black and graphite grey for the bedrooms area, white and concrete grey for the living room and the kitchen area.
The entrance hallway was desired to be a simple, representative space with a strong visual impact. The main issue, the fact that the hallway was in the same time the access area for two bedrooms and a storage space, was solved by using a black background in which the over heightened doors were perceived as simple vertical strips of the same black color with a different texture.
From the introverted area of the entrance and the bedrooms, a long hallway finished with a concrete like texture takes the visitor to the extroverted area of the apartment: the living room, the kitchen and the dining room. The wood flooring, the unifying finishing of the interior design, is used in all spaces except for the bathrooms. The decorative lighting objects, as well as the "Full Moon" painting from the entrance hallway, are the warm accents of this modern interior design.

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