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Vivinco Main Quarters

București, România
Authors: arch. Irina Neculae, arch. Roxana Dima / INBA + RDBA
Collaborators: MT&T, ACCMS, Apple Design, Visioline

Authors’ Comment

The interior design project of the main quarters of Vivinco company started from the client's wish (a business man in the field of wine distribution) to have a representative office space for management and client meetings. The chosen chromatic scheme (orange, yellow, green) and the use of the wooden like wall boards, creates a warm and welcoming mood, inspired by the natural landscapes of the wineries.
Regarding the functional zoning, the space was divided in two: the main area for managerial offices and meeting rooms and the latter one for common spaces and service rooms. The offices next to the curtain wall have natural light and were designed to express the open attitude of the company towards their clients.
The spaces mostly designed for the employees were visually minimized by their positioning next to the internal wall of the office building and by the use of dark colors, mostly black. The hallway, which divides the two main areas, was marked at the floor level by the special disposition of the carpet.
The wine tasting room, positioned next to the meeting room and having access both from the meeting and the main entrance hall, represents the surprise space of this interior design project.

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