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Carturesti Operei

Carturesti Operei

Authors: arh. Adrian Cancer, arh. Gabriela Scântei, arh. Iulian Tănăselea
Firm: Square One

Builder: Pandomur, Brut Concept
Client: Cărturești
Photo: Flavius Neamciuc

Authors’ Comment

The first step we take in approaching a redevelopment project when working on a space that already has a history and an architectural identity is to preserve the architectural value of the existing space by renovating, conserving, if necessary, completing the existing architectural elements and to complete the space with new functional and aesthetic additions, which we draw in such a way as to become characteristic of our client. In the case of the Carturesti Opera bookstore, it happens that the previous function was also a bookstore, even one of local tradition - Eminescu Bookstore - we took over some elements, the shape of the space, with the main routes, travertine cladding, and keeping the open space without compartments or any crowding of architectural elements.
In the architectural formula meant to create the new identity characteristic of Carturesti, we used the height of the existing space generating an intermediate level attached to the perimeter furniture, a kind of surface that functionally integrates into the exposure perimeter and over the height of 230cm throughout the length of the perimeter it covers. This elevated perimeter circulation, besides its functional role, also contains a 34m long railing made of metal of not less than 1000 welded and finished components that give rise to a sculptural but also a practical element.

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