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Braiconf Store, Bucharest Mall

Braiconf Store, Bucharest Mall

Authors: arh. Elena Stoian
Firm: Ina Stoian Atelier Proiectare SRL

Arhitectura & urmarire santier: arh. Laura Paraschiv, arh. Magda Vladimirescu
plumbing: ing. Laura Bunea, ing. Geni Manolache
Executie mobilier: Atelier Vast
Lampi custom: Circa 1703-3701
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The central idea of ​​the project is to achieve the concurrence between the brand and the architectural space starting from the general atmosphere, passing through the perception of the product and ending with the specific functionality.

The decentred entrance creates – within 60square meters of the shop unfolding, diverse angles to discover the space and the superposition of miscellaneous objects and products in the shop. Space fluidity is emphasized by the perimetral lighting gorge and the walls rounded corners.

The proffesional clear, neural, white light lighting is realised so as to point out different exhibited articles of clothing, this being completed with a piece arranged with five unique hanging lamps above the cash desk. In the lighting of the space studies, some scenographic shades/nuances were searched for in order to observe images of the way clothes are seen as realistically as possible, and to avoid an extremely strong lighting.

Natural materials are prevailing in the arrangement, simple massive finishing wood, massive stone, marmorino, jute, warm colours (white, griege) and accents of brass and bronze.

The display is peripherically structured, having a base used for depositing, whilst in the middle of the shop there is a piece of furniture with glass shelves which allows the display of different accessories or materials used for bespoke orders. The furniture is not cramped at all, alternating the clothes disposal on hangers, shelves or dummies, without being oppressive.