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Authors: arh. Daniela Ioniță, arh. Sofia Georgescu, arh. Albert Sebastian Dobrin, arh. Ionescu Șerban Andrei, arh. Lazăr Andrada

Authors’ Comment

POT represents the intention of a group of young artists to transform a three hectare (former industrial) site into a creative campus, at the same time aiming for this process to be an example of reconversion and sustainable development.
The intention is to create a lifestyle model, a community in which people are encouraged to create, research, experiment and learn, whilst respecting the community of which they are part.
One of the aims is creating the opportunity for artists with different backgrounds to form deep connections with one another and for eager, gifted persons to be introduced to the artistic environment through the activities which will take place in this workshop-space.
POT will consist of two modular spaces for show – performance and theatre - with 200 and 100 seats, an open-air amphitheater, experimental spaces for theatre and dancing, workshops for auxiliary activities (painting, tailoring). At the same time, for a better distribution of artistic residence there will be designed two spaces for accomodation as well as a camping to be used during summer time.
Also, POT aims to be a community integration project as well as a means of involving community in artistic projects , such as participatory theatre or creative camps for children. Therefore, POT means to become a vector of cultural development for surrounding communities and a cultural halt along the Danube path (just as Culture Port Cetate).