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The Music Precinct of Sevilla

The Music Precinct of Sevilla

Authors: arh.Maria Margareta Mihat

Authors’ Comment

The Music Precinct of Sevilla

One of the most charming aspects of the City of Sevilla are the narrow streets, small squares, and its wonderful interior gardens.
The project main idea is to maintain this charming character of the city while creating a precinct mainly dedicated to music, but where a large variety of social activities are available.

The idea of the project was to conceive a complex dedicated to music and the dance of flamingo, on the square Ponce de Leon in the city of Sevilla, Spain.

The main idea behind the center building of this precinct is adaptability. The building design offers the possibility to organize concert events for a varied size of audience. With a sliding wall between the interior and exterior stage and the possibility to lift the 200 seat theater stage to the ceiling we can have a concert space for 900 people. This offers a unique surround view of the unified stage while keeping the seating arrangements.

The restaurant and the bookshop on the first level are designed with terraced seating places so their customers have a full view of the stage as well.

The Flamingo Laboratory has a main hall where the audience can be seated. The rooms form was inspired by the flamingo dresses movement during the dance.

From the outside, the windows and rooftop are structured with lines inspired by an empty music sheet, ready to be filled with all the musical events the City of Sevilla can bring together.

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