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ED Apartment

ED Apartment

Authors: arh. Cătălin Sandu, arh. Andrei Butușină
Photo: Mihai Theodor Sava

Authors’ Comment

The interior design of ED apartment is a contemporary one, with wood and white finishes being present in various forms, from wall and ceiling paints to furniture fronts and even some ceramic tiling. Soft pastel color accents in shades of gray, green, and pink are interspersed in various places.

The project started with a slight redesign of the existing layout, by modifying the common bathrooms and their furnishings and reconfiguring the living area.

Both the guest bedroom and the master bedroom have a workspace so that both partners can work from home when needed, without having to use the dining tables in the living room and kitchen for this purpose.

The living room is an open space with many glass surfaces, including towards the kitchen, and central furniture placement allows for easy flow to all areas of it.