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Velvet Grey Apartament

Velvet Grey Apartament

Authors: arh. int. Truță Daniela, arh. int. Pătrașcu Alexandra, ing. Popa Adrian, arh. int. Petroiu Andreea
Firm: Next Interior
Photo: Arthur Zinz

Authors’ Comment

In our project, we aimed to create a contemporary and elegant interior with a light and neutral colour palette dominated by shades of grey and a touch of green. We used light wood, stone, velvet, and wallpaper to create a pleasant atmosphere. For the children's rooms, we wanted to add a playful and age-appropriate touch while highlighting their personality in the design.

It all started with the open-space, which set the direction for the entire project. We began by designing the furniture behind the sofa, then continued with the kitchen, selecting the materials, colours, and textures.

One of our favourite elements in the open space is the TV furniture, which serves multiple purposes. Next to the window, we added a cover for the radiator, and beside it, we placed the TV and the fireplace underneath. We wanted to highlight the fireplace area with black glass, creating the illusion of a continuous surface when it's not lit. Below, we included drawers, and next to them, a small bookshelf illuminated with dimmable LED lights.

The bookshelf behind the sofa and the kitchen were specially created for this project, with painted MDF fronts. Even the sofa was customised to fit perfectly in our space.

In the master bedroom, we wanted to focus on the wall behind the bed, which was quite long and could have seemed monotonous. Therefore, we chose a wallpaper with an interesting graphic pattern. All the furniture pieces in this bedroom are custom-made, allowing us to add more storage spaces to compensate for the lack of a generous wardrobe. Another important element is the painting above the dresser, created by an artist we frequently collaborate with in our projects.

For the girl's bedroom (12yo), we wanted to avoid creating an interior that is too childish and wanted to create a design that would be long-lasting. We opted for a neutral colour palette for the furniture, but added a touch of powdery pink to bring a feminine element.
In the boy's bedroom (8yo), we wanted to reflect his personality in the design. Being passionate about sports, we chose a wallpaper with a stylized soccer ball, which inspired us to add a touch of dark blue. Here, we proposed custom-made furniture framing the bed to maximise the wall utilisation.

In the bathrooms, we selected a varied combination of finishes with a wood-like appearance, stone, and marble, highlighting them in different forms. In the master bathroom, we used ceramic tiles with a chevron pattern to add visual interest, and for the wall with the mirror, we chose 3D ceramic tiles with a chevron pattern.

It's worth mentioning that we took over the apartment in its raw state, so we had the opportunity to choose all the finishes and sanitary fixtures. In collaboration with the developer's team, we managed all the necessary aspects to transform the apartment into a fully finished space. We placed orders, brought the items to the location, and installed them.

In conclusion, our goal was to create an interior that expresses the personality of our clients, we paid attention to details and personalised every aspect in a way that perfectly aligns with their lifestyle.