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Yin & Yang

Yin & Yang

Authors: arh. int. Iulia Motica, arh. int. Camina Zerva, arh. Dimitrie Zerva
Firm: Ioka Design & Decoration

Mobilier: Avanta
Lumini: Lighting Store
Photo: Ioka Design

Authors’ Comment

The design of the interior space of a residence symbolizes a personalized process, carefully crafted to take into account the specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle of the individual.

In the context of the current project, the interior of the living unit was embellished through an arrangement that shaped the space in a compositional, functional, and aesthetic manner, exuding a masculine atmosphere and reflecting the personality of the beneficiary.

The achieved appearance reminds of the aesthetics found in Japanese culture, with the use of natural colors, wood, and clean lines. Additionally, the furniture is designed to seamlessly fit with the architecture of the space, emphasizing the idea of simplicity and elegance.

Despite illustrating a minimalist approach, the project precisely incorporates subtle details into the scene, creating the finesse of the composition that captures the viewer's attention. The interior design concept is felt both through the use of a chromatic palette with darker tones and the choice of materials, textures and displayed objects that make up the design's choreography.

As a result, the interior perspectives are composed of the prominence of textured MDF veneer, painted black, read in parallel with the smoothness of the walls in shades of light gray, as well as strategically chosen surfaces enveloped in a warm wood hue. The symbiosis of these elements creates a harmonious and balanced contrast while maintaining an air of sobriety resulting from the color scheme and concise shapes, but introducing warm accents that create a "homey" feeling.

In conclusion, the interior space planning of this residence serves as a clear example of how design can be personalized to conform to the needs, preferences, and lifestyle of an individual. This design has successfully created a compositional, functional, and aesthetic environment, reflecting the personality of the beneficiary.