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Precupetii Vechi Apartament

Precupetii Vechi Apartament

Authors: arh. Olivia Zahalca-Postolache, arh. Radu Postolache
Firm: Postolache Zahalca Arhitectura

Mobilier la comandă: Extensif Home Design
Confecții metalice: Atelier Moldoveanu
Photo: Vlad Crețeanu

Authors’ Comment

The challenge of the project was to transform an apartment with a relatively small area and a compact plan into an apartment with a welcoming atmosphere and an overall visual perspective of the spaces.

Although the apartment benefits from large windows that offer an ideal luminosity, the initial feeling when you enter the apartment was rather pressing (all the rooms are distributed around a central access hall, with no natural light).
We felt the need to give depth to the spaces, to connect them, removing the barriers between them, to visually cover the entire living area – instead of the entrance doors to the living room and kitchen, we created large apertures by removing parts of wall partitions. The kitchen is subtly closed by a glass wall, but remains part of this new „whole”, constantly maintaining the visual connection and access from the living room or hall.

The use of colors also supports the connection of spaces – warm shades of the wood are joined by pastel or accent colors (greens, yellows) of the furniture or accessories.

The wall decoration gives personality to the space – the wallpaper in pastel colors favors the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the bedroom, while the figurative design wallpaper in the office room is a presence itself.

The two bathrooms have an elegant design, where the geometries and textures of the used materials blend together. A key element is the custom-made mirror whose geometric composition combines round and regular shapes also found in sanitary ware, furniture, or lighting fixtures. The black color accentuates these geometries.