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WP Apartment

WP Apartment

Authors: Int. Designer Nicoleta Usacov, Arh. Mihaela Solon
Firm: MiSo Architects

Mobilă pe comandă: Our Design
Photo: Sabin Prodan
Builder: Constructivo
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The concept of this project has taken shape by the desire to create a space with a feminine allure, in which fluid shapes and natural elements blend in a well-balanced composition, chromatically dominated by light shades, like a delicate spring peony.

The proximity to Verdi Park and the client's affinity for the Mediterranean aesthetic have influenced the concept and the defining material and finishes palette.

The apartment stands around 100 square meters and is composed of one bedroom along with an open space that encompasses the living and kitchen area, one home office, one hallway, two bathrooms, a laundry room, and a generous 20 sqm terrace, towards which each of the three main living area open to.

Intending to shape a clean and neutral ambiance, we have opted for a chromatic scheme dominated by delicate variations of whites and light grays. This approach has allowed us to highlight key elements, including the curved sofa, the olive tree, and the kitchen island.

Also, to achieve a warmer atmosphere, natural wood has been used for the floors for some of the custom furniture pieces, as well as soft, diaphanous textiles.

Following the idea of a design that conveys femininity, peace, and mindfulness, a recurring motif has been used throughout all the main spaces - fluted boards for the walls that create a certain vibration and rhythm in the atmosphere.

This vibration is reminiscent of the undulating motion of waves on the sea's surface. It's also echoed in the texture of the kitchen island, the form of the suspended light fixture in the living room, and the gentle sway of the curtains.

The result comprises a pleasantly unexpected light-filled interior that evokes a feeling of well-being and a vacation-like atmosphere. It establishes an aesthetic and sensory barrier, effectively shielding against the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city.