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Penthouse NT

Penthouse NT

Authors: Arh. Int. Catalina Iliescu, Arh. Urb. Mihaela Tampiza, Arh. Mihaela Solon
Firm: MiSo Architects

Mobilier pe comandă: Movi Design Studio
Dan Harmob
Photo: Sabin Prodan
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

This project started as a fresh drawing on a clean sheet of paper.

The owners, a young couple with artistic and interior design preoccupations, have given us the freedom to make any adjustments necessary, even though the apartment was recently finished.

Thus, the key element that started the concept was the staircase, the central element of the house. For its completion, we worked alongside teams of specialists who helped us materialize our ideas into what truly became an exquisite architectural feature.

The 130 sqm of the apartment includes the essential living spaces, no more, no less, for a young couple.

The ground floor consists of a generous living room, a designated dining area, and an open kitchen, designed to keep up with the owner's passion for cooking.

The dominant staircase leads us to the first floor, where the sleeping and office areas are located: the office and the dressing room occupy one end of the first floor, while the bathroom and master bedroom occupy the other end.

The bedroom was intended to have a hotel room atmosphere, with impressive city views through large windows, as well as a cozy and warm mood, provided by soft carpets and fine curtains in earthy tones.

Anthracite gray and black cover most of the walls, doors, and furniture elements, inducing a note of mystery and somberness.

The bespoke staircase becomes the center of interest for the entire house. The custom-made large-scale painting in the dining room, alongside the scenic light fixtures amplifies the feeling of height, while the see-through wall in the bedroom makes the space feel elegant and modern.

All of these are highlighted by exquisite accessories and decorations and together they create an extraordinary result.