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Pink Accents Apartment

Pink Accents Apartment

Authors: arh. int. Truță Daniela, arh. int. Pătrașcu Alexandra, ing. Popa Adrian, arh. int. Petroiu Andreea
Firm: Next Interior

Mobilier la comandă: Movi Design
Photo: Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

This project involved the renovation and interior design of a 2-bedroom apartment located in the northern area of Bucharest, in a building constructed after the 2000s. However, the quality of the finishes and execution left much to be desired. The owners live abroad and acquired this apartment as a holiday home, where they plan to spend time with their family. Given the initial condition of the apartment it required a comprehensive renovation, involving the replacement of all finishes and the refurbishment of the electrical and plumbing systems.
Considering the apartment's purpose as a holiday retreat, we aimed to create a relaxed and playful atmosphere. We drew inspiration from the aesthetics of the Memphis Group by introducing bold geometric shapes in the furniture, but we opted for a more subdued color palette. This palette is based on pastel colors, with shades of gray and light green as a background, while pink elements were used as accents. Additionally, we incorporated rounded elements into the design, with the arch becoming a recurring motif found in various pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures.
The focal point of the design is the kitchen, a spacious area where the entire family will gather. We proposed a dining table for four and two seating spots at the kitchen island. The island serves not only as a dining and additional workspace but also provides concealed storage in its lower part. Since this is a holiday apartment where storage space is not as critical as in a primary residence, we opted to keep the upper kitchen area more open, leading us to select an intriguing texture for the countertop backsplash. Therefore, we chose terrazzo tiles, adding a distinctive character to the kitchen.
The bedrooms were arranged to maximise sleeping accommodations, despite the limitations of the existing layout that we could not alter.
Our team handled the entire process, including renovation management and coordination of all involved teams. In conclusion, through the complete renovation of this 2-bedroom apartment, we have created a holiday home for the entire family, characterised by a relaxed atmosphere filled with personality and unique design pieces.