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SPA Aprtment

SPA Aprtment

Authors: arh. int Ștefania-Bobaru Chirleșan, arh. int. Diana Alexandra Onel, arh. Elena-Codina Dușoiu
Photo: Raluca Bobaru

Authors’ Comment

The Spa Apartment is a stunning renovation project in the heart of Bucharest's Unirii Square. This compact 44-square-meter space underwent a complete transformation, converting a neglected apartment into a luxury short-term rental accommodation. The project, finalized in May 2023, aimed to offer a premium experience to couples exploring the city.

The apartment, located in an older building, features two non-compartmentalized rooms. To maximize the sense of space, interior doors were removed, creating a seamless flow from the entryway to the central kitchen and living area. A bright loggia, accessible from both the living room and the kitchen, provides an ideal spot for dining or enjoying morning coffee with a breathtaking boulevard view.
From the living room, you enter the private area, which includes a creatively designed bathroom and a cozy bedroom. A compact hallway with a distinctive brick-red sink leads the way. Despite the apartment's size, clever storage solutions were integrated into the design, ensuring functionality for both maintenance and tenants.

The core of the design centered on providing an intimate spa experience within the confines of a private residence. The standout feature is the two-person jacuzzi, embodying relaxation and luxury. Natural elements, such as wooden flooring and decorative plaster, were selected to evoke a serene atmosphere.

The Spa Apartment offers an exclusive blend of premium finishes and well-thought-out design choices. The harmonious interplay of textures and colors elevates the apartment's aesthetics without overwhelming its compact dimensions.