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The fascination of wood. An apartment. A cave

The fascination of wood. An apartment. A cave

Authors: arh. Mihail Neagu

Management de proiect: RG Design (Andrei Radomir)
Mobilier customizat: Servolen
Placări de lemn: Meissel & Holz (Radu Popescu)
Photo: Sabin Prodan (Tryingtodoart)

Authors’ Comment

“Coziness, warmth, simplicity emphasized through light, cool lighting fixtures, or ingenuously integrated lighting elements, unique shapes, a functional kitchen for an almost-professional”, this is the way the clients expressed their expectations. Furthermore, the first visit of the space before the intervention clearly defined the affinity that the clients had for wooden textures. Situated in Brașov, the apartment borrows something from the atmosphere of the Bucegi mountains, reminding of forests and caves, through the use of wood and stone.

The design strategy was based on the synergy between light and materiality. We wanted to stay away from just placing some materials inside a room and spice them up with a few lighting fixtures with consecrated designs. In this project, the lighting elements have a simple design but the way they interact with the materials makes the walls, ceiling and furniture to become sources of light themselves. The use of contrast between polished and unpolished elements emphasizes, on one hand, the stages of the spaces’ development, and on the other hand it was a way of reducing costs through giving up on installing false ceilings.

The entrance of the apartment is realized through a wooden portal, in warm tones, that frames the cool, cave-like image of the living room. The grey nuances and the apparent concrete texture are softened through the warmth of the wooden elements and the pastel colours of the furniture. The project shows a great mastery of the manufacturing process: each of the wooden elements was cut by hand in a unique way, in order to create the organic shape of a wave that appears gently on the concrete ceiling. The mirrors found in both ends of the room make the organic elements of the ceiling seem endless. The coffee table and the texture of the rug gently convey the idea of a cave, while at the same time contribute to the cozy atmosphere through their delicate, soft shapes. The TV cabinet borrows some elements from the identities of the two main materials, realizing a smooth transition between the wooden floor and the stone-like wall. The kitchen, although small, contains all the elements that a passionate cook might find necessary. It also offers an ample dining space that is well-lit and comfortable.

The bedroom combines the softness of wood with extravagant, monumental elements. The bed, placed at the end of an imposing staircase, is surrounded by vertical wooden decorations that intertwine with the linear lighting fixtures, creating a magical atmosphere. The visitor is transposed into a dream-like setting, in a unique and elegant space. The perimetral wooden poles that cover the walls are hiding numerous storage spaces, perfectly camouflaged. The bed, that is equipped with a lifting system, conceals even more storage facilities, so that every square centimetre of the room is put to good use. The rhythm of light and wooden poles contributes to the monumentality of the space. The mirrors placed around the perimeter of the room, at the level of the ceiling, and on the counter steps of the stairs, create the illusion of infinite surfaces. The entrance door fits in gently with the rest of the chamber, standing out through the shifting of the wooden texture, from vertical to horizontal.

The bathroom also follows the rule of the interplay of rough and soft textures. The orange ceramic tiles with their reflective surface continues the play of light generated by the spotlights. The light portal in front of the bathtub defines this space as a monolith made of polished, shiny stone. The austerity of the grey tones is softened by the use of a bold colour and of bright, playful lighting elements. The wooden door brings a warm, cozy touch to the cold surrounding created by the sone-like ceramic tiles.